Friday, December 16, 2016

December 16

WNB: Choose one statement and argue for or against it.

  • Too much ambition inevitably leads to disaster.
  • Politicians are more concerned with power than issues affecting people's lives.
  • Violence leads to more violence.
  • Crowds can be easily manipulated and moved to violence.

We started class with 30 minutes of blog time. This entry is due by 11pm tonight! (Due to the shortened 4th period today, 4th period students' blogs are due by 11pm Sunday, 12/18.)

To introduce Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, we moved to different corners of the room that reflected our opinion on four of the main themes of the play (the four statements from the notebook entry). Students received packets of summaries and background information (4th period will get these on Monday), and we watched a really great introductory video.

We watched Act I, Scenes 1 and 2 to set the stage. We will pick up where we left off on Monday. Don't forget to bring a device on Monday (preferably your district-issued iPad)!

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