Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: In class activity

We began class with the timed writing over our summer reading books. Students had 30 minutes to write a well-developed paragraph in response to the prompt. Students who were absent should plan to attend tutorials to make up this assignment.

For our notebook entry, students first predicted what huge misconception about reading might be presented in the video, "The Huge Misconception about Reading." We then revisited the "Nerd alert" article from Monday and finished up with a letter in our notebooks. Students who were absent should plan to attend tutorials to complete this entry.

We used the remaining class time for independent reading time. (We also finished up a few presentations from yesterday.)

Today's Board
Timed Writing Grading

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: Outside of class

I returned the summer reading work that students handed in. Grades for that assignment are now in Skyward. Grades for the quote mini-poster are also in Skyward.

Groups presented their literary term lessons. We saw some excellent quizzes in Kahoot!

I provided a few reminders about the timed writing assignment that's happening tomorrow. Students may prepare an outline of their paragraph, but they may not have a full draft to help them with the work. Remember to bring your book and annotations!

Today's Board

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29

Independent Reading Time: ~20 minutes
Writer's Notebook: Article of the Week - "Nerd alert: Reading is good for your health" (video connection: "Empathy")
Possible Response Questions:
• Has a book ever helped you to think about an issue in your life? Explain.
• Reading literature builds empathy. Discuss why this is important.
• Pick a passage from the article and respond to it. 

Following independent reading time, I introduced the method for annotating and responding to articles of the week (instructions posted in the About section on Classroom). Students who do not write their responses in their notebooks during class will need to be sure to complete that before the next class period.

We discussed the timed writing assignment that's coming up on Wednesday. Please see the slides posted on Classroom if you need more clarification. Also plan to come in for tutorials during A block on Tuesday for more help!

A few groups were able to present their literary term lessons today. We will finish up with these tomorrow!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26

Writer's Notebook: outside of class entry

Students handed in the quote mini-poster assignment. I always look forward to getting this project from students because they work really hard to make it attractive!

We visited the library to learn about all of the great things happening there. Students had time to choose a book for independent reading time, which begins Monday.

With the remaining time, students worked with their groups to finish up their literary terminology presentations.

On Monday, we will write in our notebooks, read our choice books, plan for our timed writing, and present our lessons!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25

Writer's Notebook (in class entry): You’ve been kidnapped! Which character from your summer reading would you want to come to your rescue? Be sure to explain your answer! (Also include the title of the book!)

I reminded students that their quote mini-poster is due tomorrow. We have changed the timed writing assignment from Monday to Tuesday: we'll talk more about it on Monday. Students should keep working on the 6-box planning sheet in the meantime.

Students received a copy of a literary terms and techniques packet that will be essential to our class! They then worked in groups to prepare a presentation on an assigned literary term that they will teach to the class on Friday/Monday.

Tomorrow, we'll go to the library for a brief orientation with time to find a book for Monday. Don't forget that we will be on pep rally schedule!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24

Writer's Notebook: outside of class entry

I reminded students to code their writer's notebook entries with a "C" for writing done in class or an "O" for writing done outside of class.

Students completed activities with their summer reading. They were to bring and hand in their reading goals chart where they tracked their reading. On Classroom, they completed a reading ladder where they ranked the books from most difficult to least difficult.

Quote Mini-Poster instructions are posted on Classroom. Students will hand this in by Friday.

Students received a planning sheet for a timed writing that we will do in class on Monday. They'll use their annotated summer reading book as the resource for this work. Tomorrow, I'll give more information about the timed writing.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23

We started class with a recap of yesterday and time for any questions that students may have thought of overnight.

We spent some time setting up our Writer's Notebooks. Students who didn't have their notebooks today should see the "Writer's Notebook setup" slides under the About section on Classroom to prepare their notebook for the next class meeting. (Any questions about this, see me during A block in 1520 on Wednesday!)

I shared some mentor passages with students (on Classroom stream) and asked them to choose one as a model to inspire their first notebook entry.

Students should bring their summer reading work tomorrow (annotated book & three column book list).

Today's Board
Ms. Mayo's notebook entry

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22

We spent time learning a little about each other and about how the classroom operates today. Students visited 6 stations, discussing summer reading, examining the syllabus, and completing other activities.

Remember to bring a notebook (single subject, college ruled) so we can begin working in our Writer's Notebook tomorrow. And of course, share the blog and syllabus with your parent/guardian! Bring all summer reading work and your annotated book on Wednesday, 8/24. 

1st period Classroom code: gd4ikgk
2nd period Classroom code: vhf0c6q (that's a zero)
4th period Classroom code: jit7te

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Welcome to my blog! Here I will share the happenings of my English II PAP classes.

A little about me: This is my 18th year of teaching. I enjoy teaching because something different happens every day! I'm a baseball fan (go Rangers!) and a big animal advocate. In my free time, I volunteer at an animal shelter. I have two dogs of my own, Boomer and Baxter.

Baxter on the left, Boomer on the right
Looking forward to a great school year!

FYI: If you're enrolled in my class (or any PAP/AP class), check this link for summer assignments!