Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29

Independent Reading Time: ~20 minutes
Writer's Notebook: Article of the Week - "Nerd alert: Reading is good for your health" (video connection: "Empathy")
Possible Response Questions:
• Has a book ever helped you to think about an issue in your life? Explain.
• Reading literature builds empathy. Discuss why this is important.
• Pick a passage from the article and respond to it. 

Following independent reading time, I introduced the method for annotating and responding to articles of the week (instructions posted in the About section on Classroom). Students who do not write their responses in their notebooks during class will need to be sure to complete that before the next class period.

We discussed the timed writing assignment that's coming up on Wednesday. Please see the slides posted on Classroom if you need more clarification. Also plan to come in for tutorials during A block on Tuesday for more help!

A few groups were able to present their literary term lessons today. We will finish up with these tomorrow!

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