Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: Outside entry

Welcome back! Hopefully, students were able to spend some time reading over the break. I reminded them to update their currently reading page in the writer's notebook. Each entry should include the title, author, and genre along with the date started and date finished (or abandoned) with a 2 sentence reflection. We will be using this tomorrow!

We used our understanding of the elements of tragedy to determine whether the play Antigone should have had a different title. We also applied the qualities of a tragic hero to both Antigone and Oedipus. Students then worked with their groups to decide which of the two plays (Oedipus Rex or Antigone) should be taught if there was only time for one.

At the end of the period, students handed in Antigone questions and the group work.

Midterm exams are this week! Students received a copy of the review before the break, and it is also posted on Classroom.

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