Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: Students responded to this quote in their notebooks: "To read a poem is to hear it with our eyes; to hear it is to see it with our ears." - Octavio Paz

I reminded students to be sure that their notebook entries are complete and currently reading pages are up to date because we will have a notebook check on Friday, 2/24.

I passed back the summer reading essays. Students may revise this essay for up to half the points back. Tutorials are strongly encouraged! Details on the board (note upcoming due dates in red):

We discussed two poems, "Fifteen" by William Stafford and "Fourth of July Night" by Carl Sandburg. (Both are in the blue book, pages 805 & 897.)

Today's Board
Coming Up:
Thursday, 2/16 - Lit Terms Test
Tuesday, 2/21 - Humanity Triptych Project and Essay
Wednesday, 2/22 - Summer Reading Essay Revision
Friday, 2/24 - Notebook Check