Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: Can ordinary people be heroic? If so, what could motivate them?

Students received a review sheet for the literary terms test that is scheduled for February 16 (also posted on Classroom).

We applied the TWISTT strategy to "Courage" by Anne Sexton. We will look at a few more poems before the test.

I introduced the humanity project that students will be working on this week (also posted on Classroom). Students shared folders with their group members, and I provided some tips on how to keep materials organized. We will determine the due date for the project when I return on Friday.

I'll be attending TCEA Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so students will be working on the project. I'll answer questions and concerns on Classroom and via email.

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Analysis of "Courage" by Anne Sexton