Friday, April 7, 2017

April 6

Students had a substitute today. Here's the agenda that they followed:

  • First 20 minutes - Independent Reading Time. Library passes are in a holder on the board by my computer if anyone needs one. Some kids may read on devices, and that's okay.
  • Writer's Notebook (allow about 10 minutes): What does it mean to live a double life? Have you ever felt like you are a different person in different situations? 
  • We started the "3 Points of View" handout yesterday. Each table knows what they should be doing. I told them they could have 20 minutes to finish (no devices). 
  • AP MC Chapter 3 handout - Allow about 10 minutes to work independently, then they can check their answers with their table (no devices). I'll go over this with them when I return.
  • "Will the Real ___ Please Stand Up?" Instructions are clear. Students may work together, even across tables, but they should not use their devices. We'll look at this together when I return.