Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14

Students completed a 40-minute timed writing over Antigone.

With the remaining class time (shortened due to today's pep rally), students made sure their notebooks were up to date and read independently. We will have a notebook check on Monday, and we will do activities related to independent reading on Tuesday.

The midterm review is now posted on Classroom, and students will receive a paper copy on Monday.

Coming Up:

  • Monday, October 17 - Writer's Notebook Check (minor grade)
  • Tuesday, October 18 - Independent Reading Reflection (minor grade)
  • Wednesday, October 19 - All sophomores and registered juniors will take the PSAT in the morning. 3rd and 4th periods will review for midterms.
  • Thursday, October 20 - 1st and 2nd periods will review for midterms. 3rd and 4th periods will take midterms.
  • Friday, October 21 - 1st and 2nd periods will take midterms. Students will have early release (12:15pm). 
Today's Board (with suggested outlines for today's timed writing)