Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 18

I shared some last minute PSAT tips with students before they take the test tomorrow. (Thanks, Mrs. Nickerson!) You can find extra tips here: https://www.kaptest.com/psat/kaplan-psat-prep/all-about-the-psat (FYI: The links that were on the presentation we looked at in class did not work.)

Students used the rest of the class period to complete a reading reflection on Classroom. Those who finished before the end of class read silently.

1st and 2nd periods: Dig out a scored article of the week to turn in for points on the Antigone timed writing!

Coming Up:

  • Wednesday, 10/19 - All sophomores and registered juniors will take the PSAT in the morning. 3rd and 4th period classes will review for exams.
  • Thursday, 10/20 - 1st and 2nd periods will review for exams. 3rd and 4th periods will take exams.
  • Friday, 10/21 - 1st and 2nd periods will take exams. Students will have early release at 12:15 pm. 
Don't forget to finish reading Lord of the Flies by October 24!

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