Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15

IRT: ~15 minutes
WNB: This week's article of the week involves 2 articles about sleep - "Study: A Third of US Adults Don't Get Enough Sleep" and "What Snacks To Eat for Better Sleep"

We read and answered questions for Act II, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar, and I provided summaries of scenes 3 & 4. We read the first part of Act III, Scene 1 (stopped at line 121). We will pick up here tomorrow!

Students will hand in questions this week, so they should plan to come to tutorials A block Tuesday to catch up on any missing questions.

Coming Up
Tuesday, 5/16 - Last blog entry due by 11pm
Tuesday, 5/23 - Notebook check
Thursday, 5/24 - 9 weeks reading work
Wednesday, 5/31 - 1st & 2nd period exams
Thursday, 6/1 - 3rd & 4th period exams...LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

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