Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5

We started with 30 minutes of blog time. Students had the option of working on their entry that is due 5/16 or reading in preparation for that entry. Students must blog about 2 different books in the 2 entries, and one entry must be about their AP book.

Students participated in a four corners activity, moving to different areas of the room to express their level of agreement or disagreement with different statements.

I introduced the historical and literary elements of Julius Caesar ("Julius Caesar PreReading Notes" on Classroom). We will begin reading the play on Monday!

Coming Up
Monday, 5/8: Absent students make up TKAM Socratic seminar in B block tutorials.
Tuesday, 5/9: TKAM Socratic retake opportunity in A block tutorials (for scores below 70).
Wednesday, 5/10: Career Cruising with Ms. Scott
Thursday, 5/11: AP World History test in the morning. Good luck!
Tuesday, 5/16: Last blog entry due

Today's Board