Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8

IRT: ~20 minutes
WNB: Think of a time when you made a wrong decision, even though your intention was good. Write about why you had this unexpected outcome.

I passed back the courage essay. The majority of the most effective AP essays include at least one academic example as support, so this is what I was looking for when grading the papers. Students may revise this essay for up to half of the points back, up to a maximum of 90. The revision is due in class Friday. Students had the option of applying points from an article of the week to the lower score of the 2 major grades (Socratic or essay).

notes regarding essay pass-back (AoW points have now been added where applicable)

We began reading Act I of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Students were encouraged to download the free iBooks version and take notes there. We read all of scene 1 and up to line 78 of scene 2. The textbook version of the play is on Classroom. Absent students will need to come in A block Tuesday to make up questions.

Today's Board
Tutorials This Week
Tuesday, 5/9: 7:40 & A block
Wednesday, 5/10: 7:40 & A block in 1520
Thursday, 5/11: 7:40, A block, & 3:30
Friday, 5/12: 7:40 (Courage revision due)